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  • Led Lenser K3

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    The diminutive K3 provides astounding performance for its size. This micro sized light is the size of a key chain fob, and can be used as such, yet produces almost as much light as a Mini-Maglite 2AA-cell flashlight that is over twice its length and three times its weight. What's more, the K3 can produce that light 10 times longer, for 55 hours instead of 5.5 hours. My point is that the K3 is tiny, but not a toy to be taken lightly. It is a fully functional, High Performance, LED Lenser flashlight. I rely on the K3 that I carry in my hunting fanny pack to light my way in case I don't make it back to camp before nightfall.

    The K3's case is black anodized, machined aluminum with diamond pattern knurling for a secure grip. The on/off/momentary push button power switch is at the back of the O-ring sealed tailpiece, as per the LED Lenser High Performance tactical lights with which it shares the usual features and benefits, including the Coast LED Lenser Lifetime Limited Warranty. Here are the specifications for the K3.

    Maximum lumens: 14.7

    Maximum power consumption: 0.6 watt

    Maximum effective range: 113 feet

    Length: 2.75 inches

    Head diameter: 0.8 inch

    Weight: 1.2 ounces

    Batteries: Four AG13

    Working battery life: 55 hours

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