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  • Lightforce Shotgun-Rifle mounting kit - SGKIT - SRKIT

    Your price: $29.95

    Product details

    Wish to use your LIGHTFORCE RMSM or RMSG spotlight on more than one rifle, shotgun, bow or crossbow? No problem at all! LIGHTFORCE has the answer. No tools required!

    The rifle scope (SRKIT) and shotgun (SGKIT) mounting systems can be purchased separately for use with the RMSM and RMSG model lights. If you have more than one rifle or shotgun that you would like to mount a light onto, then these kits can be used. The SRKIT attaches to 1", 26mm and 30mm rifle scopes, while the SGKIT is suitable for under the barrel mounting on under/over, side by side, single barrel shotguns, centrefire and rimfire rifles. The UNIMOUNT can be fixed to a bow, crossbow or any flat surface. These mounts can be permanently fixed where desired and the light can be attached or detached as requires using the snap catch carrier.

    SRKIT (Rifle): $25.00

    SGKIT (Shotgun): $35.00

    SGkit30- 30mm scope tube: $40.00

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