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Led Lenser P7


Led Lenser P14


Led Lenser® P5


Led Lenser K3


Led Lenser P17


Led Lenser X21


Led Lenser Police Tech focus


Led Lenser H5 Headfire Focus


Led Lenser H7 Headfire Focus


Led Lenser H7R Headfire Focus Recharge


Led Lenser® X7R

The LED LENSER® X7R is a spectacular, rechargeable flashlight with an innovative charging system.

Led Lenser® MT7

Apart from offering light power, this lamp is also a strong and reliable companion in extreme situations because of its tactical functions.

Led Lenser® Universal Mounting System

The Magnetic Mounting is a new and practical accessory for the Intelligent Clip. This small module is quickly attached to the clip making your torch suitable for use in new areas of application. The torch attaches simply to the metal surface and the beam can be ideally aligned.

Led Lenser® H14 3in1 Headlamp-Belt Lamp-Mobile Spotlight

The versatile all-rounder, the best choice for any outdoor activity.

Led Lenser® H14R Headlamp

Rechargeable for the sake of the environment The Led Lenser® H14R is a newly-developed rechargeable head lamp with outstanding luminance and eco-friendly energy concept.

Led Lenser® Hokus Focus Torch

The triumph of science! The robust, splash-proof aluminum housing guarantees many years of reliable use, even when put to extremely heavy duty.

Led Lenser® X14 Torch

Extreme power in a double pack
(17 items) 1 page
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