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  • Mosquito - Click

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    'Mosquito-Click' eliminates itchiness and inflammation from mosquito, sandfly, midge bites and minor jellyfish stings in just a few clicks.

    -Clinically Tested

    -Suitable for children over 12 months old

    -NEW Key Attachment


    It functions with piezoelectricity ie. the generation of electric currents by the compression or expansion of quartz and similar crystalline substances. Mosquito-Click therefore does not need a battery to function and its small and practical size makes it convenient to carry along anywhere!


    Hold the device like a syringe and position the narrow end on the bite. Press the button a few times. The number of clicks will differ according to the result required.

    -4 to 5 clicks to treat itching

    -10 to 15 clicks to prevent swelling

    The effect of the Mosquito-Click is felt a few minutes after use.

    For best results, Mosquito-Click should be used as soon as possible after an insect bite. It is therefore recommended that you carry it with you, especially during summer. Mosquito-Click is recommended for use on Mosquito bites.


    -Small and compact unit.

    -No batteries or chemicals are used.

    -An exceptionally long life span. ( 25 000 clicks)

    -No shelf life or expiry date.

    WARNING: Persons wearing cardiac devices or with a heart condition should not use this device. Mosquito-Click should only be used for adults and suitable for children over 12 months old. Mosquito-Click can be a choking hazard to children under four, please keep out of reach.

    Carry it with you!

    For best results, Mosquito-Click should be used as soon as possible after being bitten - always carry it with you. A key ring attachment makes this easy.

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