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- The Merkel Model 96K Drilling features two shotgun barrels over a rifle barrel.
- The 96K employs two bites on the barrel hook combined with a Greener cross-bolt.
- The 96K normally features a traditional 'hogs-back' buttstock, German cheekpiece and slim forend but you can order other stock designs including Classic English style buttstocks.
- The Model 96K is imported (into Australia) in the following calibres and gauges:
12/70, 12/76, 16/70, 20/76

.22 Hornet, 6.5x57R, 7x65R, .308Win, .30/06, .30 Blaser, 8x57IRS and 9.3x74R
- The 96K is fitted with double triggers and the front trigger, which operates for the rifle barrel when selected, is also a set trigger.
- Various levels of engraving, monogram plates and higher grades of wood are all available as options.
- You can also order your 96K fitted with quick-detachable EAW claw mounts which makes for a very versatile one-gun hunting battery.

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