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  • Powa Beam PL 245 Spotlight with Bracket

    Your price: $230.00

    Product details

    Product Description

    Spotlight fitted with a bracket for use with remote control system

    Quartz halogen model

    245mm diameter reflector

    12v 100w Globe

    All parts are replaceable

    All alloy construction with quality steel toggle switch

    Hand focused for maximum performance

    Can be used for distances up to one kilometre away

    Comes complete with 1.5m cable & electrical connectors

    Weight: 1306g

    CP: 1,000,000

    May also be fitted with different size Quartz Halogen Globe , Dimmer control switch or pistol grip handle

    Spare Parts:

    All components are completely replaceable, quote relevent part numbers to your nearest Powa Beam stockist.

    12v 100w globe PN1/64623

    245mm glass lens (2mm) PN241

    245mm glass lens (3mm) PN231

    Pre focused reflector H/H PN440

    Pre focused reflector W/B PN430

    Plain reflector PN330

    Steel Toggle switch PN510

    Spotlight case PN730

    Steel bracket for PRO-9 PN832

    Battery clips PN810

    Ceramic globe holder PN870

    Spotlight handle PN881

    Reflector retaining ring PN631

    Steel bracket PN831

    PRO-9 washer set PN860

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