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Magic Bottle

The ultra-new water bottle has been designed in platinum silicone, a material which makes it flexible, odourless and easy to close. The rapidclosure system with screw cap is easy to use and ensures you can never cross-thread nor lose the cap. The unique feature of this bottle is that once empty, it can be rolled up so that it occupies minimal space until it needs to be used again. External volume indicator.

Suede PC PRO Gun Bag

Padded lining in SUEDE rifle carrier with removable shoulder strap, document pocket and transport handle.

Shot 2

10 -round ammunition cases with velcro closure.

Shot 1

14 round ammunition cases with strap closure.

Cartuccera 12g belt

New adjustable cartridge belt to hold up to 30 shells either 12 or 20 calibre, fitted with side pouch.

Suede Gambale

Rain proof leggings in suede material, waterproof, rip proof and available in one size.
(6 items) 1 page
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