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Konus Scope mounts

A very special set of mounting rings that will accommodate both, a 30mm and a 1” riflescope by simply utilizing the included internal ring. The design is ideal for compact riflescopes that are popular with today’s tactical products, such as our KonusPro T-30 series. Every shooter will appreciate the construction of these ring mounts, whereby we used aircraft aluminum. This material allows for an ideal combination of extreme strength in a lightweight design. The 7218 is suitable for every riflescope with an objective lens diameter of 52mm or smaller. The base will firmly attach to Weaver and Picatinny rails with integral recoil stops to prevent any movement for a stable, long term mounting solution.

Konus Sight pro PTS1 3x32

An invaluable tool in the very demanding tactical field, the # 7202 is a 3x32 Prismatic Scope with impeccable optical quality, rugged construction and generous eye relief. Suitable for both standard weapons and assault rifles, it features a special rangefinding reticle (with four color illumination) that will enable you to instantly determine your distance from the target. Its base fits any Weaver or Picatinny rail. Our comprehensive assortment of Red dots features many invaluable tools for the highly professional tactical field. some of these models are so compact that they can be mounted on pistols, archery equipment, shotguns and traditional rifles as well.

Konus Pro M30 1-4x24

These models will deliver an impeccable and rewarding performance on countless types of hunt and even in the faintest light conditions. they are especially suitable for shooting at close and medium distance or aiming at fast moving targets.

Konus Pro M30 2.5-10x50

These models stand out as the best and ultimate riflescopes, thus giving every demanding sportsman the chance to step on the field and successfully take even the most prohibitive shot.

Konus Pro-550 4-16x50

Konus is releasing a brand new series of riflescopes feautring the exclusive 550 ballistic reticle.

Konus Pro 3-12x50

These riflescopes feature large diameters and a 30/30 engraved reticle that make them the most porfessional units in the whole "Konuspro" range. Supremely rugged and perfectly recoil-proof, their engraved/laser-etched reticle will be able to whitstand extreme forces and will not break, shift or sanp even if the riflescope is used with heavy calibers. Their optics are fully multi-coated and are made of high definition glass that will deliver the greatest light transmission from dawn to dusk, while being nitrogen purged and sealed for utmost waterproof integrity. These models include the adjustable objective for the automatic correction of the parallax from 10 yard to infinity, while the #7256 also comes with sunshade. They are suitable for most types of game and are competitively priced. All Konuspro riflescopes have 11 languages instructions.

Konus Pro 3-10x44 275

Off the heels of a successful partnership with CVA, a true leader in the muzzleloading industry, Konus is proud to introduce a new line of riflescopes with a ballistic retilce that is especially designed for muzzleloaders. The Konuspro-275 models help to remove the guesswork out of shooting, since their reticle is featuring several aiming points that are calibrated from 75 to 275 yards and coincide with the most popular black powder loads. Lateral hash marks have also been added to compensate for wind. These riflescopes consequentially provide an undeniable advantage in terms of improved accuracy and better performance.

Konus pro 3-9x40

These riflescopes are some of the best-selling units in the whole Konuspro range. Supremely rugged and perfectly recoil-proof their engraved/laser etched reticle will be able to withstand extreme forces and will not break, shift or snap even if the riflescope is used with heavy calibers. Being zoom, these models give the users the utmost versatility of selecting either a low magnification power (for shooting at close range or at a fast moving target) or a high magnification power (for long distance shooting or varmint hunting).
(8 items) 1 page
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