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Helicopter Hunting - Olivia Page

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The Last Great Southern Adventure- Helicopter Hunting Fiordland

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This is what happens when I go on a much-needed holiday- I end up writing and photographing a book about the venison recovery industry in NZ.

All I wanted was beaches, cocktails and sunshine. I suppose helicopters, hunting and guns are good enough for now. I had a ball flying over Fiordland National Park – it was EPIC to say the least and the people I met were most interesting and inspirational. These are stories I will be telling my grandkids as they look up at me in disbelief. If you haven’t read my ‘introduction’ blog page please do. It is often difficult to explain to people how and why I did this project – reading the intro might help. Take note I personally do not support ‘sport hunting’ from helicopters. The venison industry in NZ is sometimes misunderstood so please do Google this subject, you will find plenty of information on the topic. Happy learning. Anyhow back to planning my holiday… now that it’s all over and the book is finished I think I’m absolutely ready for one. Here I come beaches, cocktails and sunshine.
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