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MOJO - Fatal Front Premium Decoys (6 Pack)

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As masters of spinning wing and motion decoys, MOJO has taken that knowledge and expanded it into a static decoy line equipped with folding keels and ultra realistic features.

The weakest link in waterfowl hunting has been the decoys, based on the drastic difference between live birds and the appearance of a static spread of decoys. MOJO® just took a giant step forward with the introduction of the Fatal Front™ Premium Decoy line that features a deployable folding keel.

Many attempts have been made to develop dependable, removable keels without success. Leave it to MOJO® to develop a better solution. Keels hurt your hunt the majority of the time so now you have the option of using the keel only when you need it. Deploy the keel when needed in wind and fold the keel for maximum movement.

For added realism, the drakes feature colorshifting paint that mimics the green head flawlessly. The hen’s high definition detail in the feather is unmatched by competitors. Add a dozen or so to your existing spread to give it more life. Comes in six-pack.


+ Deployable folding keel

+ Deploy the keel when needed in wind

+ Fold the keel for maximum movement

+ Colorshifting paint that mimics a mallard drake’s green head

+ High definition detailed feathering and natural preening poses
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