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Bog Industries is extremely pleased to announce the release of our new product BOAT BOG!

The Boat Bog compound has been purposefully formulated so that the application can be achieved in seconds and the damaged area can be repaired, thus giving the passengers additional time to reach the safety of land or receive emergency assistance

*Emergency water vessel repair product that can be applied in seconds

*Suitable for all types of non-inflatable water vessels (boats, yachts, kayaks, canoes etc)

* Can be applied to all makes of non-inflatable water vessel (polyester fibreglass, epoxy fibreglass, plastic, metal, wood)

* Stops or significantly reduces the intake of water to a damaged vessel

*Adheres to wet and dry surfaces

*Zero hazardous or flammable ingredients making it 100% travel safe

* Compound always remains pliable to enable easy removal and so that adjustments can be made after application

* Versatile making it able to be used in miscellaneous circumstances outside of principle purpose (eg. forgotten bungs, leaking ice cooler, punctured bucket, damaged floats etc)
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