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  • BullsBag X7 Shooting Rest Complete SYSTEM (7 Bag Set)

    Your price: $220.00

    Product details

    X7-Bag 7-IN-1 Shooting System set fills easily and includes seven independent bags, to perform a Hi-Pro and Low-Pro SERIES

    (Butterfly-BULLS BAG Patented-Grip/Toe & Heel (Owl-Ear Design)/Stackable Bags/ Pistol and Handgun/Adjustable Window and Blind Bag Rifle Rest.

    X-7 "7-Bag ADVANTAGE" SYSTEM-Tree-Camo w/black suede 10" -length X-7 Model: #0007-Experts Choice in accommodating many shooting techniques, firearm styles and multiple terrains (7-in-1)-7 bag "System" modular design transforms All-In-One design, unique and ingenious-50 shooting rest arrangements included-Hi PRO-Series w/patented grip Shooting Rest-Low BULLS BAG Shooting Rest Series-Adjustable Window/Blind Shooting Rests-Pistol/Handgun Rests-Toe & Heel Shooting Rests (Owl/Rabbit Ear style)-Stackable Bag Shooting Rests-900 Polyester w/2 mil PVC coating (Moisture resistant)

    - Comes with shoulder carrying strap-Cradle Height approx: 7.5" in

    PRO-Series configuration-Internal fill spout w/military grade “Velcro” No-leak filling spout/seams (No sewing necessary)

    - Shipping weight unfilled: 3 lbs/0 oz.

    - Filled w/dry media: 30 lbs.(Cat-litter, walnut/corncob media)

    -Lifetime Guarantee against wear and tear

    Parts include: 1- Vise-Grip Bag, 2 Rectangular Bags, 2-Owl/Rabbit Ear Bags, 2-Zipppered Sleeve Hi-Rest Bags


    -The New 7-in-1, X7 Bulls Bag Shooting Rest is designed to provide the ultimate in "Expert" stability in firearm supports for more accurate shooting in multiple shooting environments.

    This unique gun rest and ingenious All-In-One design accommodates shooters’ demands by including "Experts" desired features that lock rifles into place with a gun vise-like grip while reducing felt-recoil and muzzle-jump.

    -The rifle rest suede tops protect the stock of the firearm while providing a better gun rest grip to reduce movement while sighting and firing.

    Bags Can be filled easily with many forms of media choices.

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