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Grovtec - Padded Nylon Rifle Sling - Black (GTSL-01)

A secure, effortless carry with a minimum of movement.

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Patented Nylon Stretch Web
There's a difference between cushioning and bouncing. GT Stretch Web absorbs shock without the annoying rebound. The result is a secure, effortless carry with a minimum of movement.

Radius Cornered End Tabs
If you’re regulating your heat properly, you will find yourself carrying your rifle over as little as a t-shirt. In these instances you'll gain full appreciation for our radius cornered end tabs. They don’t dig in.They’re not a nuisance.

Extra Wide Pad
The tapered design of GT Padded Slings emphasizes width at the load carrying position to spread weight over a greater area, increasing comfort.

Thumb Loop
Our integrated thumb loop on GT Padded Slings relieves tension on your hand and forearm as well as stabilizing the firearm. Truly one of those features that once you have, you'll wonder how you ever did without.

Highly durable, this long-wearing material holds perfectly…just enough to keep the firearm in place without inhibiting your ability to quickly shoulder it should you need to.

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