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Sportdog In-ground Fence

SportDog® In-ground Fence is designed to keep your dog in yards of up to 100 acres.

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SportDog® In-ground Fence is designed to keep your dog in yards of up to 100 acres. Safe and effective for all dogs over 4.5kg. The system works by delivering a mild correction through two contact points that touch your dog's neck.

If your dog crosses the established barrier, a correction will be delivered to get your dog's attention. This is quite harmless to your dog. You can customise the level of correction to match your dog's termperament and the adjustable collar allows you to create a perfect fit for your dog.

- Expands to any number of dogs (Purchase of additional collars required)
- Waterproof collar receiver runs on 9V battery (4-6 months battery life)
- Built-In lightning protection
- 305 m of wire and 100 flags included (will cover 3/4 of an acre)
- Can cover up to 100 acres with additional wire and flags (sold separately)
- Collar receiver sized for dogs over 3.6 kgs
- 4 levels of adjustable correction
- Tone and vibration only options
- Anti-linger feature prevents your dog from hanging out in the warning zone and running the battery down
- Wire brake alarm on the transmitter
- Can be used with any PetSafe Containment collar receivers

- Transmitter
- Power Adapter
- 9 Volt Alkaline battery
- 305 metres of wire & 100 flags
- Test Light
- Operating Guide
- Training DVD

* Can be used with multiple dogs with the purchase of SDF-R Add-a-Dog Collar.

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