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Spypoint X-Cel HD - Hunting Edition Video Camera - 5MP

- 5 Megapixels - Full HD 1080p video with sound recording - Ultra wide angle lens - Lithium battery pack included - Camo waterproof housing - Start /stop the camera from a distance with the included remote control

Spypoint Xcel HD Hunting Accessories Kit - XHD-HUNT ACC

Perfect for hunting and outdoor activities

Spypoint Xcel HD Head Strap Mount - XHD-HSM

Fully adjustable Fits all sizes

Spypoint Xcel HD Suction Mount - XHD-SM

Heavy duty suction system for flat surface

Spypoint Xcel HD Bow Mount - XHD-BM

Suitable for all bow models having an opening for a stabilizer.

Spypoint Xcel HD Scope Mount - XHD-SCM

Fits any scope within 0.91” to 1.38” diameter

Spypoint Xcel HD Slide Adaptor - XHD-SA

To attach the XCEL® camera to a mounting accessory

Spypoint Xcel HD Lens Protector - XHD-LP

Protects the lens of your XCEL® camera when it is used without the waterproof housing.

Spypoint Xcel HD Clear Waterproof Housing - XHD-OHT

Protects your camera & allows for underwater use Waterproof up to 160 ft

Spypoint Xcel HD Camo Waterproof housing - XHD-OHC

Protects your camera & allows for underwater use Waterproof up to 160 ft

Spypoint Xcel HD Sling Stud Mount XHD-SSM

Fits most sling studs on firearms

Spypoint Xcel HD Decoy Mount XHD-DM

Use to attach the camera to a decoy

Spypoint Xcel HD Vented Helmet Mount XHD-VHM

Fully adjustable. Fits all helmet sizes.

Spypoint Xcel HD Straight Extender 90deg Extender XHD-S90E

To position your camera in various angles

Spypoint Xcel HD Flat Adhesive Mount XHD-FAM3

Flat adhesive mounts for the quick release stand

Spypoint Xcel HD Curved Adhesive Mount XHD-CAM3

Curved adhesive mounts for the quick release stand

Spypoint Xcel HD Remote Control + Velcro Strap XHD-RC

Allows to START/STOP the photos/videos recording.

Spypoint Xcel HD Cap Mount XHD-CM

The cap clip mount allows you to attach easily your XCEL® camera to a cap.

Spypoint Xcel HD 360 Roll Bar Mount XHD-360RBM

Fits on any tubular object within 0.79" to 1.38" diameter

Spypoint Xcel HD Anti-Fog Inserts XHD-FOG

The XCEL® anti-fog inserts fit into the waterproof housing of the camera to prevent fogging in cold or humid conditions.

Spypoint Xcel HD Li-Poly Battery XHD-BATT

1050mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Cover for the battery compartment included

Spypoint Xcel HD USB Power Adapter XHD-A

Recharge your XCEL® camera by plugging the USB adaptor in the wall outlets.

Spypoint Xcel HD External Microphone XHD-MIC

Use this microphone with XCEL® cameras to get a better sound recording.

Spypoint Xcel HD Dual USB Charger XHD-CUSB

Charge the XCEL® camera practically anywhere. This 12V adaptor can be used with a car, RV, ATV, boat, booster pack & more.

Spypoint Xcel HD HDMI + USB Cables XHD-CABLE

Connect the Xcel HD Camera to a TV set or Computer.

Spypoint Xcel HD NVG Helmet Mount - XHD-NVG

Fits to any helmet equipped with a NVG mounting plate. Matte finish

Spypoint Xcel HD Tether Leash XHD-TL

Adhesive tether with adjustable tie
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