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Spypoint Heated Seat Cushion

Heated Seat Cushion provides long hours of warmth for both hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Powered by heating elements; it is portable, lightweight and water resistant. *Rechargeable lithium battery and AC charger included Temperature control

Spypoint ANT-LIVE Antenna Booster

External Booster Antenna kit compatible with LIVE/LIVE 3G. Superior antenna designed for areas where coverage is weak. Enables customers to expand their areas where they use the camera. - Booster Antenna. - Fits with LIVE series cameras. -16 feet long cable.

Spypoint MS-1 Motion Sensor

Wireless motion sensor using the new REMOS® technology. Works with all cameras compatible with REMOS®. Requires 1 alkaline 9v battery or a 12v power supply. 500 ft transmission.

Spypoint RC-1 Remote Control

Four button wireless remote control. Works with all cameras compatible with REMOS® technolgy (up to 500ft). 1x CR2032 battery included.

Spypoint Sound Box SDB-85

The soundbox audio repeller SPYPOINT SDB-85 emits an audible alert of your choice when motion is detected.
(5 items) 1 page
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