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TIKKA T3x Strata

TIKKA T3X STRATA The T3x Strata has been developed according to the specific demands of hunters in Oceania and is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. Designed as a light-weight stalking and mountain rifle, specifically for twilight and low light hunters. The T3x Strata represents the absolute best value proposition for any rifle in Australia and discerning buyers will find themselves reaching for this rifle every time a hunt is on the cards. Redesigned for 2020 with the addition of soft touch grips, and cheek piece.

Product details

Utilizing the tried and true Super Lite Stainless as a base rifle, it has been modified in the following ways:

Added Cheekpiece (2020 addition)

Especially useful for those using scopes with large objective lenses or who prefer a tighter cheek weld.

Cerakoted Barreled Action

The metalwork of this rifle has been cerakoted in Cobalt Kinetics Green, lending a subtle colour to personalize this Tikka even more. The rust corrosion and strength of this coating is well documented and will last for many years.

Longer, Threaded Barrel with Muzzle Brake Included

The fluted, stainless barrel is designed as a perfect solution for those who want light weight but need the increased accuracy that comes with longer barrels.
Muzzle threaded in the standard 14x1 to suit a variety of attachments.
We haven't just stopped at the thread though! This rifle comes standard with both muzzle thread protector as well as a profiled, cerakoted muzzle brake that sets off the entire look.

True Timber Strata Camo Stock

The new pattern digital camo is a perfect fit for some of the more common environments found in the Australian outback, particularly in Victoria and Tasmania.
It also perfectly complements the cerakote finish of the metalwork and adds a premium look to this modern hunting rifle.

Soft Touch Grips (2020 addition)

We added a soft touch pistol grip to improve the friction no matter what condition you take this rifle into.

Larger Capacity Mag

Large capacity mag is included as standard to add versatility and reduce the need to upgrade later.

Oversized Bolt Knob

Borrowed from the Tac models, the bolt knob is a great addition to improve cycling speed and grip, particularly when wearing gloves.
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