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  • Large Warmer Pads

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    Product details

    Keep warm anywhere, anytime...

    Large Warmers provide 20+ hours of maximum heat! They are

    ideal for pockets, stadium cushions, sleeping bags, etc. The

    warmer is a soft, light weight pouch containing inert mixture of

    iron powder, charcoal, salt, water and vermiculite. The pouch

    is made of soft cloth lined with a thin layer of porous plastic for

    maximum durability.

    Features & Benefits

    - Generates 20+ hours of heat!

    - Maximum warmth for all conditions.

    - Ideal for pockets, sleeping bags, stadium cushions, etc.

    - Keep handy in car, emergency kits, hunting/camping gear.

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  • Your price: $2.50
    Keep warm anywhere, anytime...

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