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  • Goin the WHOLEHOG VOL. 1 DVD

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    Product details

    In this action packed film you'll get to follow Australian hunter Mark "The Doon" Turner as he chases his dream to head to the top end of Australia and get amongst the huge boars of Queensland and the Northern Territory with his dogs and a selection of other top hunters.

    A professionally made film with crisp, clean footage and minimal shaking that gets you up close and personal, Goin the Wholehog is guaranteed to be one of the best Australian pighunting films youll see.

    This film is the result of crossing one of the best pig-hunting film-makers in the world

    with some of the best pig-hunters in the world.

    Grab a copy, you wont be disappointed.

    You'll laugh, you'll be entertained, you'll want to watch it again!

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