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The action and the magazine of the XXL are designed for long and strong safari ammunition. Both ensure a smooth loading out of the single row clip magazine. One magazine can hold 3 rounds, on option 5 rounds plus one in the barrel. The action has a massive extractor. The action is fully made out of a single block of steel for extreme strength. Weight and balance are adjusted to the performance that is needed in rough conditions for the safari hunter. The high recoil forces are absorbed by the strong steel crossbolt.

The massive and solid bolt shows virtually its extreme strength. The oversized solid locking lugs are designed for the use of the strongest available caliber. The 3 safety gas holes are designed for a maximum of security.

The elegant lines of the bolt is continued by the manual cocking piece. The manual safety allows the active hunter to carry the rifle loaded but uncocked. Only by pressing a button without having to think about a safety the rifle is ready to shoot.

Open sights: adjustable in height and side. Highly visible illuminated sight.
Selected walnut wood with German cheek piece. Straight lines with shoulder, rose wood tips and rubber butt plate.
Swivel rings on the barrel for more comfort. Trigger: crisp direct trigger adjustable

Caliber Available: 338 Lapua Mag, 416 Rigby, 450 Rigby, 505 Gibbs, 416 Weath. and 460 Weath. some other african caliber on special request.

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